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Many of our Academy students have approached the Academy Directors for personal health support for themselves as well as their loved ones – both in terms of physical and emotional wellness. Therefore, quite in keeping with our ethos of support, to uplift health globally, we have launched the ‘ACADEMY OF WELLNESS ONLINE HEALTH SUPPORT CLINIC’ (OHSC)

This Online Clinic gives our students, and your ‘Nearest & Dearests’ access to the outstanding experience and qualifications of Prof Celene Bernstein and Mary-Lou Harris, who are presently the Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners in attendance at the clinic.

Future student career opportunities:  

Not only do our students have the career opportunity to join us as paid PAT tutors, after graduation, but now you have the opportunity to join our brand new ACADEMY ‘ONLINE HEALTH SUPPORT CLINIC’ (OHSC) as one of our Global Online Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners, after you graduate.

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EXTENDING THE LOVE! The Gift that just keeps on giving!

The offer of 15% discount for the Emotional Clearing is not only available to all actively enrolled Academy students who have a current Unique Student Number, but also ….

Now listen to this…

PAY IT FORWARD…As a Loving Launch Gesture to each Academy student, we would like to extend the offer to two of your Nearest and Dearest, where you can pass on the gift to 2 other loved ones at the same discount offer of 15% off.

Simply identify your two ‘Nearest & Dearests’ and send an email to with the title ‘PLEASE SEND ME MY PERSONALISED ‘Nearest & Dearest’ DISCOUNT CODES … Please indicate whether it is for you, or your two ‘Nearest & Dearests’ and we will then email the codes to you, for your two Loved Ones to put into the voucher discount code box when they book, to apply their 15% discount. Remember that they can book a date after 31st August 2018, but they must BOOK AND PAY AT LEAST THEIR DEPOSIT*** to secure the booking, before the 31st of August 2018 to receive their discount.

***Cancellations less than 4 full days (96 hours) before their booking date will render their deposit non refundable as this will provide insufficient time to give the full day to someone else at the last minute.

FURTHERMORE…as an Academy student, you are a RAP affiliate.

All our RAP affiliates and Enrolment Managers will earn your RAP commision on Emotional Clearings booked by each paying client  – even your two nearest and dearest loved ones.

Therefore you will earn your commission on the amount paid by any referral for the Emotional Clearing, using your link with your unique RAP link embedded in the email or post that generates the Consultation.

What does it entail?

Mary-Lou offers a tailor made, one-to-one process to explore as many of your conscious memories as you can recall, as well as exploring your subconscious memories, parents and grandparents histories and relationships with you and each other, and other siblings, as well as their and your views of the world at large.

What you get..

For the Student – Ever heard the saying ‘Kill two birds with one stone’?  Well, here is your chance to get the proverbial “not only two, BUT FIVE, birds with one stone”

  1. First bird, you get a chance to better understand the importance of focusing on your own behaviors, and to discover how emotion is an integral part of you, as well as an avenue for personal growth and emotional balance.
  2. Second bird, you experience hands-on training on one of the most critical modules of your Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner course.
  3. Third bird, you get to support two of your Nearest and Dearest friends and family members with the same discount afforded to you as a student.
  4. Fourth bird, you are able to enhance your income base by supporting others
  5. Fifth bird, your own personal experience of the Emotional Clearing process positions you favourably to become a valued part of our Academy PAT and OHSC Team once you graduate as an IHWP, as you will not only have learned about, but actually experienced, the process with which you will be supporting your future clients. It is a well known point that nothing is embedded in learning, so well as the actual experience of the subject at hand, as opposed to simply having the knowledge.

For two of your loved ones GIVE YOUR FRIEND A GIFT OF £52.50 / R1000*! This is a chance for them, at a substantial discount of R1000*, to untangle the debilitating dysfunctional thought patterns and behaviours that can probably be traced back to their childhood. It is no longer a matter for debate that emotional feelings have a surprising effect on healing nervous ailments. Give this ‘15% off’ gift to two friends who need it, by booking their consultation by the 31st August 2018. It could mark the turning point for the rest of their life.

Avail yourself!of this incredible support offer, and Pass On this Special Gift to TWO Loved Ones!

This generous OFFER IS VALID UNTIL 31ST AUGUST 2018!

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Looking forward to supporting Your Self Empowerment,

Your Team at the Academy Online Health Support Clinic

Let Us Help you Clear your Emotions this July and August!