Alice’s Testimonial

Alice, (London, UK) says: “I have known Mary-Lou for the past five years and in that time I have come to understand myself both from a physical and emotional perspective. I came to Mary- Lou with what I thought was ‘just a few physical ailments’ that I hoped she could help me fix. Since then I have been on a long journey with Mary-Lou and have learnt that these ailments do not just exist on their own but that the human body is hugely interconnected and is affected by both internal and external factors.

Mary-Lou has shown me how certain external factors affect me emotionally which in turn manifests in a physical way, such as inflammation in my body. I have also learnt how eating certain foods will prolong my symptoms. Once I understood this, Mary-Lou was then able to teach me many practical and emotional tools to help make changes in my life.

Mary-Lou has been instrumental in supporting me to make these changes and without her I would not be where I am today. For this I am truly thankful!  We have just embarked on our next journey together where Mary-Lou is supporting me with starting my own business. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings!”


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