Augustine Shamuyarira


Augustine fills the role of Academy of Wellness Director of IT (Information Technology), Communications, Course Admin & Affiliate Programmes and holds a diploma in Journalism.

He has completed an array of short courses in IT and communications training.

In addition to ten years’ experience as a practicing journalist, he was publishing editor of two community magazines: The Gale and Athlone Blues, Assistant editor of a national Young People’s Newspaper, The New Generation, President of the Vibrant Book Culture, a community project promoting a reading culture and computer literacy.

He has also translated several published books on Baha’i literature from English to indigenous languages.

Augustine is a keen poet who writes poetry as, to quote him, ‘a form of exorcism’ (he self-published a poetry compilation titled The Din of Silence).

He is a music and art critic, with works published in art journals and booklets in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and other countries.

Prior to joining the Academy of Wellness he worked with several international organizations and companies in exploiting cutting-edge IT applications and systematic social media strategies to run marketing campaigns and grow businesses for diverse market niches.

He has vast experience working with people in various international time zones and through ongoing short IT courses he always keeps a finger on the digital pulse to stay abreast with new technologies.

Augustine trained as a Nutritional Facilitator with the Academy of Wellness under founder Stuart Wilson with whom he worked as a Communications Strategist for over 5 years. He was actively involved in creating and launching the Academy’s first ever online course.

Little Known “Fun-Facts” about Augustine is that he is an aspiring musician. And to let you in on a secret, he is working on a 6 track album with 3 songs already done. (keep an ear out for a fresh new sound from the AugustVibez studios).

Says Augustine; “I believe my training, the experience I have gained over the years, my affinity to all things digital, and my passion for success has prepared me to serve students of the Academy with distinction as we transition into more exciting e-learning adventures. As a believer in the sanctity of human life I see the work of the Academy as a powerful tool for preserving that sanctity through teaching wellness and healthy living for all.”

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