Festive & Feel-Good, Hearty Savoury Scrambled Egg/ Power Omelette

Easy Peasy and takes approximately 20 minutes to make. Serves 6 Body System/s & Therapeutic Support: Digestion, Circulation, Cardiovascular, Relaxation, Stress, Mood, Natural  tranquilizer, Pain relief, Anti-inflammatory, Brain, Immunity, Improved Metabolism, Blood sugar balance, Repair & Recovery, Detox (especially the heavy metal-mercury) Health Tip:  Always add turmeric and Himalayan Crystal Salt to eggs when beating, […]

The Tightrope Between Stress and Hormonal Balance

The Tightrope Between Stress and Hormonal Balance, and the the ‘safety net’ called “What you put in your mouth!” Hormones ‘ey?  Who needs them? (!) They can wreak havoc with our lives – our mood takes a dive, irritability sets in, to say nothing of sugar and chocolate cravings and bloating! especially when we hear […]