Cynthia Kaplan’s Testimonial

Cynthia Kaplan (Johannesburg, SA) says “I have to believe that this opportunity to have joined Prof. Celene on the Patrick Holford eating plan was by no coincidence. I was so ill in December with shingles and burnout and I received notification from my boss, Denese Zaslansky, that Prof. Celene emailed her and invited her to join her Trial eating program . Denese immediately emailed me and suggested I contact Prof. Celene immediately, which I did, and that opportunity was definitely from up above. God knew how desperate I was to be cared for by someone as precious as her. Having spent some very valuable time with Prof. Celene on this eating plan I realized that she is definitely the best choice of professional Professor in Health and Nutrition to represent the Patrick Holford eating plan in South Africa. I found her to be to dedicated and passionate in wanting the best for her clients. She gives every inch of her Being to ensure that we are encouraged and motivated. She personally coaches us, and we have found through this miracle way of eating which is helping to balance our sugar cravings and stop us from a severe roller coaster life style which could only end in severe illness and early death. The most amazing things that are transpiring from this program is how we, as a group, have become so close – whereby we are going inward and dealing with our deep rooted issues pain and hurt from years ago, which we soon realized also had plenty to do with our uncontrollable eating and our low self esteem and self worth. Prof. Celene has been so sensitive to our pain and hurt, and from these sessions we find that we share openly and so much positive stuff has come to a head which is helping us deal with the eating.

Before I came to her I decided to consult with a highly recommended doctor not a physician, but people all said he was just as good. He did so many different tests on me: cardiac, lung, blood pressure. He took so many different blood tests on me, some of which thank God was recommended by Celene. When I went back for results all he could say is “you need to lose some weight and it’s a good idea that you are under Prof. Celene.”. He never mentioned how high my stress levels were – how close I was to serious sugar diabetes. When you called him to discuss my blood results he could not even remember me! I was so proud of Prof. Celene when she took that phone and demanded to speak to him and said “This is Professor Celene Bernstein here. I am phoning about your patient Cynthia Kaplan…” he was lost for words – especially when you mentioned that my cortisol and stress levels needed serious attention! All I think he said is that at least I am in good hands. If it wasn’t for Prof. Celene I would have still been on a mission to very serious health problems and an early death. I met wonderful people at her sessions, all with a common goal: serious overweight issues.  The interesting thing was that a lot of us hold high positions with so much stress and compensating with food.

I was so grateful  for the opportunity and worked very hard at getting results. I came from a mission of eating three barone rich chocolate cakes a week, together with slabs of chocolates I hardly ate food! I felt absolutely nothing whilst eating like this as it paralyzed my emotions. I was driving myself and working 24/7 for years – non stop I was always so exhausted and burnt out and the only thing that kept me going was eating all this sweet stuff. People kept warning me I was on a one way ticket I could not stop myself until the day Prof. Celene came back into my life. I have not had cake, chocolates, or biscuits. I was drinking a minimum of 8 cups of very strong coffee with two teaspoons per cup of ‘Cremora’ and sugar. I have not had one cup of coffee either.  I cannot say this has been easy but I will never ever go back to this lifestyle.

I believe God has given me an Angel in Prof. Celene who will do everything in her power to guide, guard and protect me from the past.

I am very proud of myself I have joined the emotional eating program, and its so stimulating the stress levels that we discuss at length and the emotional eating in depth. The hiding of food, the different traits that we each have eating out of loneliness, a stressful career, a bad marriage, lack of financial security, depression and also joy and celebration – all of the different reasons were dealt with food.

I want to wish Professor Celene Bernstein the greatest success in her future. She has been a legend in her field and can only build this wonderful new opportunity of representing such a highly qualified Team and grow this exciting new venture throughout South Africa and even as far as the African States where the modern African lady is very conscious of eating correctly, and physically looking good. I can see her building and training top quality lecturers following in her footsteps, and changing the lives of people.”

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