Heather F’s Testimonial

Heather Falconer (New York, USA) says: After going through a lot of changes in my life, and also working with Mary-Lou for nutritional advice, I decided to work with Mary-Lou on the Emotional Clearing. This was done over Skype, and the session lasted around eight to nine hours (which she split into 2 sessions for me).The experience was absolutely fantastic.
I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted. I spoke to my best friend on the phone after the 2nd of the 2 part sessions, who commented on how ecstatic I sounded.
I highly recommend this session for anyone who wants to understand more about relationships and releasing past pain.
Mary-Lou has changed the way I think about food and general wellbeing. Prior to meeting her, I always believed that I was living a healthy lifestyle, but often felt run down, and always assumed that was due to a busy lifestyle. From monitoring my food consumption, Mary-Lou was able to identify certain foods that I should and shouldn’t be eating, and work out the best recipes for a busy lifestyle.
My life has been a roller-coaster over the past two years, and through her positive words of guidance, vitamin and dietary support has been incredible. Mary Lou is calming, positive and logical, I have recommended her to many of my friends, and I highly recommend all of you to also have a consultation, as she will change your life.