Lorna G’s Testimonial

Lorna G (Dubai) says: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2015. I hadn’t had time to digest/process the fact that I had cancer, before the oncology doctors were pressuring me to start chemo and radiation. In their eyes, I had no other choice.

I had so many questions that I needed answers too, yet the doctors appeared to be very uncomfortable answering them. Their cold lack of support made me feel trapped and scared in a life that I didn’t want to be part of. In this day and age and with all the money that is invested into cancer research, how can chemo be the the only option I have?

I then met with Mary-Lou, where my fears turned into hope and my anxiety turned into calm. She is compassionate, understanding and has a very calming demeanour. She empowered me with knowledge that helped me to understand cancer and its causes but most importantly of all, she gave me options which in turn, gave me back the ‘control’ of my life and decisions. I completed a very detailed client profile form which produced some analysis to be explained to me at our meeting.

This was to look at my overall health, not just my cancer diagnosis per se’. From this report, she could see that I had adrenal fatigue which was why I had been feeling anxious and wasn’t able to deal with stress as I used too (long before my cancer diagnosis), it was also very likely to be the reason why I suffered with insomnia for so many years. It also highlighted that I had candida and interestingly, there are reports linking cancer with Candida.

We covered so many aspects of my past ‘toxic’ lifestyle and the changes I would need to make going forward. We discussed my options of going down the conventional route and the option of not and she assured me that which ever decision I made, that she would provide me with a full integrative support program.

We discussed many other matters, if I were to note them all here, it would be a novel and not a testimonial. However, I came away from that one initial meeting with Mary-Lou armed with more information than I had learnt in a string of never ending appointments at the hospital. I was no longer afraid of cancer, because I understood it, this in itself was invaluable to me.

Aside from supporting me from a nutritional aspect, there were some other very critical areas for me to consider/practice, she provided me with supplements to help support and rebuild my immune system (alongside an alkaline diet plan). We discussed detoxing methods and the importance of living a toxic free life style (removal of house hold cleaners, beauty and makeup products, even cookware and many many more..) I cannot believe I was so naive to such matters before.

It was also suggested during our conversation that I have colon hydrotherapy and focus on meditation, breath work therapy and yoga. I was strongly advised to reduce stress as much as I can, this included my job.

Most interestingly of all, I learnt that carrying around emotional ‘baggage’ can also be destructive to a person’s health, especially those with breast cancer. Mary-Lou ran some therapy sessions to help me get closure on some issues that had been weighing me down for many years.

When she isn’t consulting, she is researching and sharing useful links and articles with her many clients, she sends through recipes, mediations, documentaries etc. There are many (often inaccurate) articles on the internet. I am rest-assured that all articles Mary-Lou shares are from a trustworthy source. Her vast array of in-depth knowledge of so many subjects blows me away and I am certain she would blow the minds of most conventional doctors.

Mary-Lou is amazing and a very admirable character. She is caring and incredibly trustworthy and loyal to her clients. It isn’t just a ‘job’ to her, it’s her life, her passion! You will see this within a few minutes of talking to her. I literally put my life in her hands and I can honestly say with the help and support that she provided me, even after cancer, I feel the healthiest I have ever been.

I cannot thank you enough Mary-Lou… you really are one in a million

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