Marie J’s Testimonial

Marie J (London, UK) says: “Every person that passes through our lives makes a contribution to our life stories. There are those who play large roles and make deep impressions, and I can truly say that Mary-Lou Harris is one of those people!

It was my young daughter that introduced us when she was at Boot Camp struggling with weight problems. I was not fond of the military style, adrenal draining methods that Boot Camps use (but each to their own) however, she came back considerably lighter, much fitter and far more knowledgeable in  ways of nutrition and general well-being.

When my daughter shared her experiences with me, she enthusiastically told me she’d met an Angel in the name of Mary-Lou Harris! I was rather intrigued by this, as my daughter is very selective about the company she keeps and has a very intuitive way of seeing people and their colours, so has a tendency to be wary. I found myself to be quite impressed with this newfound knowledge of hers. I sensed from my daughter. that there was a deep element of trust in this new relationship with the person she talked about so fondly.  I was keen to meet with this lady named Mary-Lou. I had been having stress-related digestive problems and after seeing my father suffer with ulcers, and pass away from bowel cancer, had started to worry about my own health…was I going to end up the same way? I had constant stomach aches and was very low on energy.

After a short and very warm chat with Mary-Lou on the phone, I arrived in Somerset to pick up my daughter and I was greeted with the warmest hug from this elegant, vibrant and lovely lady. Instantly i knew why daughter trusted her. She felt safe. We had a brief chat and concluded that I would see Mary Lou for a consultation ASAP. Well, that experience alone was life changing! Immediately Mary Lou picked up on several points of concern regarding my health and conducted tests. From that initial session, I learned so much about what was good and not good to eat in support of the body and healthy living.  I was actually really surprised at some foods that were causing me stress and pain because of the inflammatory factors! What an education so early in our communications!

Mary-Lou devised an eating plan and suggested an array of supplements for me to start on  to support and facilitate healing in my well-being – both mentally and physically – from thereon.  Within just one week I started to feel better – I actually started to feel alive again!  Mary-Lou had picked up that my adrenals were in great need of support… and this stuff was working! At the age of 46 I had a new lease on life!!  My business of buying and selling properties had hit the floor in the year 2008 due to the markets, and had caused me a great deal of stress, worry and upheaval. I wanted to take a new direction, career wise, but what would I do in midlife?  I was finding myself becoming more and more overwhelmed with responsibility and a stressful job, which was soul destroying… but needs must… I had to pay the bills. In speaking with Mary-Lou further down the line, I learned that she does a process called Emotional Clearing, which in short, consists of going through a timeline of one’s life and using Gestalt and other therapies to correct where there are issues. It was a gruelling and very emotional session. Mary Lou had generously committed many hours to going through this process with me. Afterwards I felt lifted and cleared! I had a deep sense that everything was going to be more than alright.

We kept in touch and my health went from strength to strength. If there were any issues, Mary-Lou kindly enlightened me what was going on, and why and how to remedy it…(she has a great knack for doing this with people, taking time to explain processes, so very comprehensively that it becomes fascinating)

I started to feel more confident about life and just because I was ‘middle-aged’  was in no way going to stop me learning something new! I felt it was a new chapter – a new beginning!

I felt inspired by Mary Lou… the fact that there is an inherent kindness, an ancient wisdom and a wealth of knowledge with her. She genuinely loves what she does and is one of the most sincere and loving people I know. I was happy to put her in a place of trust because I know she truly cares about people. I wanted to do something similar to Mary-Lou, career-wise, as I loved the results and positive effect she has on others. I’ve always had a great inner need to help others, although my path is slightly different in what I do, and I am extremely interested in nutrition,  well-being and holistic living.  I felt I wanted to contribute to mankind more on the therapeutic side of things.  The idea came to me one day while talking to another therapist – a great friend of mine – and I decided to look into hypnotherapy. I decided to study the subject and gain a diploma. Three years later I found my life’s purpose. I absolutely love using my skills as a hypnotherapist as a way to help people heal.

The things I’ve learned from Mary-Lou support my practice and make it stronger, bringing great value to it, and my clients. I honestly can attribute that my experiences with, as well as all the things I’ve learned from, Mary-Lou were conducive to my progress and my success, and to me making the decision to change my career,.  I’m not looking back. My life is so much better and healthier!
Mary-Lou Harris, THANK YOU!!”

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