Module Four

Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners’ Course





     IN THE MODERN ONLINE WORLD               

Cognisant of the fact that Information is the new commodity of the 21st century, it is critical that the capability to disseminate it effectively should be part of any serious training program. Many people have accumulated certificates over the years which they do not know how to use besides hanging them on the wall with fast fading nostalgia. The lack of hands-on practical training is the main reason why so many passionate graduates find themselves lost and alone, with nothing but a certificate in hand, faced with that daunting question “Where to from here?” They only then realise that THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS, OR WHERE TO START PRACTICING!

At the Academy of Wellness we have sought to counter this ‘half-baked-graduates’ dilemma by carefully designing the Business & IT Skills module. This module is deliberately placed as the last module, as it aims to not only prepare, but to practically guide and support, our graduates in setting up their online practices and businesses. And what an opportune time for our graduates to learn how to fully utilize cutting-edge IT resources, understand what they can do for them, and implement them, to aid in the running of successful practices.

Delivery Method & Course Content
The ‘Business & IT’ and ‘Online Marketing ‘ training sub-modules will be supported through several one-to-one training & tutored sessions conducted exclusively online, as well as practical homework tasks that form part of the assignments and marking process. By the time you graduate you will have chosen your Startup Business Name and created a web page for your business. You will also have created a Facebook business page and started marketing, through the use of video streaming, online Blogging, Vlogging and Blog Radio etc. Free Online Marketing resources like Mailchimp and Calendly will be familiar to you, and you will have identified key marketing strategies to encourage your chosen targeted client base to seek your support.

If Health and Wellness is your Passion, the Academy of Wellness is your Tool!

 Sub-Module One 

Essential Mentoring and Support Skills for the Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner

Far too many excellent newly qualified Graduate Practitioners fall dismally by the wayside after graduating. This is due to very poor or non existent support from the institutions where they placed their money and faith, throughout their studies. By enrolling with the Academy of Wellness, we know that you investigate your study options, and choose most carefully where to invest your hard earned money, and which college will provide outstanding information to support your new chosen career path.  The disappointment is palpable in graduates who have been through this process, and then feel wholly unsupported after they are ‘unleashed’ on the world to fight their way through a maze of unknown variables in setting up their practice!

We are determined that this WILL NOT BE YOUR EXPERIENCE when you enrol as a student at the Academy of Wellness.  SUPPORT is our middle name – both throughout your studies (via your Personal Allocated Tutor), as well as after you graduate. You can either choose to team up with a new Academy of Wellness approved mentor, or continue your post graduate relationship with your ‘Student Personal Allocated Tutor’ for a small Mentoring fee. As your newly labelled ‘Graduate-Personal Allocated Mentor’ he/she will continue to guide and support you through that first critical year when so many Graduate Practitioners fall by the wayside. Remember that you will already have the practical knowledge that you gained in your final module, through your interaction with  your ‘Graduate-Personal Allocated Mentor’ who supported you through the final stages of your course.

The Mentor Sub-module is a critical element in training our students to learn how to be effective and supportive mentors, by engaging in this role with each other throughout Modules 1, 2 and 3 of their IHWP course, and then after graduation, by engaging with an experienced Academy approved ‘Graduate-Personal Allocated Mentor’, and filling the role as a ‘Graduate-Personal Allocated Mentor’ for final module students.

In this way we help to build a community of Health Practitioners who are armed to support one another, as well as the health of the greater community in the world.

If Health and Wellness is your Passion, the Academy of Wellness is your Tool!

Sub-Module Two 

Essential IT and Article Writing Skills for the Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner


  • How many a time do you stare at a blank screen, unsure how to start converting those thoughts and ideas into effective written content?
  • Do you get frustrated and give up before you even type a single sentence, convinced that this ‘writing thing’ is just not for you
  • Are you so overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of the digital world that you just don’t know where to start?  

Well, do not beat yourself up – it is a common challenge and this module is precisely designed to help you overcome these fears and ‘blocks’

As an IHWPC student, you will learn that article writing is a simple science which you can fully utilize to grow your practice. You will acquire the essential knowledge and skills required to create great content and run successful Social Media promotion and marketing.

Some of the basic skills you will learn in this module include:

  • How and where to do the research for material before you start writing your content
  • How to choose and write great content for your blog articles
  • How to target your articles at specific niche markets
  • How to write content for profiles, and pages on relevant social networks
  • How to write for organisations, large and small.
  • How to write well structured  scientifically sound articles for health journalists
  • How to write an eBook and gain credibility as an Author in your chosen subject
  • How to use your ebooks in appealing marketing campaigns
  • How to use your writing skills to gain credibility and leverage for your business
If Health and Wellness is your Passion, the Academy of Wellness is your Tool!

Sub-Module Three 

Essential Online Marketing Training for the Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner

As one of our Graduate Practitioners, you will have the choice to BE YOUR OWN BOSS, and well equipped to market your business online, even before you graduate! These essential and very practical skills will be learned and honed as part of the assignments for marking, during your final module.  By the time you graduate, you will have your business name, website and a blog, and social media pages all set up. You will have run some low cost adverts and interacted on the online forums associated with your chosen niche target market.

A summary of the areas covered include:

Targeted Niche Marketing

In addition to being adept at running your own Clinical Practice with a venue where your clients visit you, or as a Travelling Practitioner, our graduates are also trained to be Online Healthcare Practitioners, thereby broadening the scope of their client base to a global field.  As this is such a very large field, we teach our students to ‘niche down’ to the market they wish to serve.  We help them to identify their personal passion in terms of their health coaching and support skills. By the time our students graduate, they will have done extensive workshopping of their ideal clients, and will begin their careers as Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners, better equipped than many newly qualified graduates. They will already have identified, found, and started their interactions and marketing to their ideal client base, and should not feel the trepidation that befalls so many new practitioners who have recently graduated, and have NO experience or interaction with attracting clients to their business.

If Health and Wellness is your Passion, the Academy of Wellness is your Tool!

Creating your own website & Blog

The purpose of the course is to enable the student to build from scratch, a functional website and a blog for their practice. Students will learn to enhance their article writing skills, to ensure content that is recognisable as professional and of journalistic quality.

Social Media Marketing

Our students will learn how to set-up and utilise the largest and most influential platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Google+.

As our student, you will also learn the essential skills behind creating and managing effective social media strategies and campaigns, as well as the basic guidelines of effective blogging. You will learn to be comfortable with Vlogging (Video Blogging) and Live stream Blog posts on Facebook, YouTube, etc

Other activities include:

  • Creating your own online mini-course
  • Creating digital newsletters
  • Creating eBooks, and ‘Business-card Books/eBooks’
  • Creating webinars and videos
  • Learning specific posting strategies for different platforms
  • Scheduling social media posts and identifying where to find content
  • Understanding what a ‘Call to Action’ is, and how to create effective strategies to collect clients’ email addresses as future business prospects
  • Utilizing Google Drive to streamline your administration, and Time Management, and ensure efficient interaction with your clients, colleagues and team members
  • Learning and utilizing many other applications that make a practitioner’s work automated, smooth and efficient.

Course content also includes essential tips, techniques and tools to understand and harness the opportunities provided by the digital marketing world.

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If Health and Wellness is your Passion, the Academy of Wellness is your Tool!

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