Monica’s Testimonial

Monika D: Academy of Wellness student (London, UK) says: “I have known Mary-Lou for many years now, in so many of her diverse range of roles. She has been my mentor, therapist, tutor for my various studies through the years, and now my Personal tutor at the Academy of Wellness, where I look forward to one day being a similar type of therapist and mentor that I have experienced from Mary-Lou.  Above all, I have felt deeply loved and cared for by Mary-Lou and now also call her ‘Friend’ as I know that she truly has my very best interests at heart.  I am impressed that she manages to maintain being very professional but is in no way ‘distant’. I have always felt very loved and cared for by her, even when we first met, and I know that the friends I referred to her feel the same way. All these years on, I trust her implicitly.

She has been the most tremendous help to me in my life’s journey: helping me to understand more about my body, and how it works with the nutrition and lifestyle choices I make. She has offered practical suggestions of  nutrition and lifestyle changes that have supported improvements in my well being. It astonishes me every time, but there seems to be nothing she can’t find a solution for – she always seems to come up with something no matter what I have thrown at her – be it study choices or my health.

Mary-Lou has such an expanded knowledge range. I am impressed that she continues to keep up to date with new information, and also continues to expand her own studies, which impacts me as a student of hers, as I have access to all the fantastic knowledge she imparts, not only in nutrition but her qualifications in various holistic therapies too.

As my Personal Tutor, for my own studies, I feel that Mary-Lou always makes time for me. Even though I am not English, as Polish is my first language, she manages to explain things in a way that I can easily understand, and when it comes to my assignments and case studies, she provides useful help by pointing me to resources that I can use and understand, whether they are books or online options. I trust her knowledge and guidance, as she always gives me specific tests to improve my knowledge.  She is so good at communication as I have seen how she has different ways of interacting with people.  I find her to be adaptable to the person’s personality, pace and learning styles, no matter who she talks to. She just seems to ‘know how to speak the person’s language’ and I am not referring to English, but something so much deeper than that.  Mary-Lou is warm, approachable, reliable and knowledgeable – all very important in any form of studies, or client-therapist relationship

One of the areas I am most touched by is that she always makes time to help me, and I know how busy she is.  I have always referred her to my friends and family and I am delighted that they too, always come back very happy that they met her. I know that many of them have then referred her to THEIR loved ones too.  I truly feel that whoever is counselled or tutored and supported by Mary-Lou is a very lucky person to have her in their lives!”

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