Prof. Celene Bernstein

Prof. Celene
Prof. Celene

Prof. Celene Bernstein (FIWHP, B.A. (Wits), Dip. Applied Nutrition, Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice,IFM (USA)

Prof. Celene Bernstein fills the role of Academy of Wellness Director of Accreditation and Course Enhancement, and has been interested in the field of alternative health for over 40 years.

She is a Health Mentor, a Functional & Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner and a Specialist in Therapeutic Food Management, to ensure wellness and much more.

She works with people of all ages who are stressed, tired, overweight and experiencing a variety of health issues. She does this by drawing on her experiences as a Functional & Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner through education, and inspiring and motivating her clients and students to be the very best they can be.

Her clients say that working with Prof. Celene Bernstein has given them the opportunity to regain their energy and keep the unwanted kilos at bay as well as get rid of some niggling health issues.

Prof. Celene has a Bachelor of Arts degree in remedial teaching from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, and taught mentally challenged children for many years. Subsequently she taught children without these challenges in the conventional local government schools, where she came across many learning problems which might have been overlooked but for her experience with mentally challenged children.  She changed the eating patterns of these children and  achieved amazing results, regarding improved behaviour and tremendous improvement in learning skills, as well as improved health. In fact, many children on Ritalin were able to reduce their dosage and others did not take it anymore.

Prof. Celene  is  the founder of Zest4life in South Africa, working under the banner of Patrick Holford as a Zest4life Wellness Practitioner. She is the personal coach to a number of Zest4life Wellness Practitioners, and has attended all of Patrick Holford’s workshops and seminars that have taken place in South Africa since 2005.

She was nominated to take part in Shoprite Checkers/SABS2 Woman of the Year Awards 2007

Prof. Celene appears on a number of radio stations. gives lectures, run seminars for executive companies and institutions and writes articles for various health magazines.

She uses the support of analytical tools like Genetic testing, Hair Analysis and Food Intolerance testing.

Prof. Celene has received Certificates for:

  • Health and Nutritional Science  – Life Science Institute in Austin,Texas, U.S.A.  – subsequently moved to Canada.
  • Prof. Celene was awarded a professorship in an honorary capacity by Life Science Institute because of a thesis she wrote on “How the body acts on the food we eat”. Celene also became the agent for the same course she did in America, in S.Africa. She had over 30 students who completed the course and received their certificates.
  • The Introduction to Nutrigenomics Course through DNAlysis Biotechnology
  • Functional Medicine Case Management – Functional Medicine S.Africa
  • Graduate of Applying Functional  Medicine in Clinical Practice –The Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Graduate of Functional Nutrition Head to Toe: Comprehensive and Innovative Approaches to Nutritional Assessment   – The Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Enzymedica Learning Centre – The Enzyme Experts – Completion of Online Training Course – Enzyme Expert Certification
  • Elim Practitioner- an Energy Level Indicator monitor
  • Presented and co-created the Zest4Life Low GL Nutrition training workshop for the Zest4Life associates in 2016 and 2017
  • Author of “ HEALTH SEEKERS” –

Dr. Andre Kruger (Sinden) from Hoogland Hydro:
“Celene has  managed what many of us have longed to do. She has, in this book, opened  a passage between the synthetic “real” world we live in, and the Paradise we strive to move into”

Professor Reuben Musiker (international biographer – University of the Witwatersrand) says of Celene  “In a field characterised by a production of health related books, comes an exceptional work of great merit. Engaging, informative and a pleasure to read. Celene’s  book offers a sure to succeed source of help for those struggling with unwise food habits and dubious lifestyles. Here is a work ideally suited for South African conditions, but applicable universally”

Prof. Celene says: “Due to my extensive level of training and educating a diverse range of students over the years, as well as the co-creation of courses, and my clinical experience, I feel that I am qualified to ensure the progress of our students both throughout the course, as well as in a support role in their practice after graduation”.

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