Wafa’s Testimonial

Wafa Hamkari (Essex, UK) says: Mary-lou is a fountain of knowledge and heart and has really helped me in ways where the doctors have not been equipped to … my life is infinitely better since she has been in it … seven years now I believe  The advice and information she passes on is in a non judgmental way you can be totally honest about your ” bad habits “.. she educates , helps and encourages you to be the best version of yourself … when your session of nutrition or healing or reflexology is over  I guarantee you will be educated, uplifted and motivated for whatever is next in your journey.
I am still just living my life and I am not living the total natural lifestyle but I am now equipped with the knowledge about how to impact my health in a less toxic way and I’m “less bad ” to my body and soul. In short Mary-Lou is one impressive lady.